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T-Shirt of the Month – July

lemondWhat with July being the month of Le Tour this months featured T-shirt celebrates ‘la Grande Boucle’. As we now know Greg Lemond was the first, (and now only) american to win. Not only did he win it, but he won it multiple times and under some of the most trying circumstances. Fighting other teams is part of cycling, fighting your own team is something else.
So chapeau to Greg, and as he said,

“it never gets easier, you just go faster”.

P.S. For all you tea drinkers out there it’s also available as a mug



hinault-attack-shirtP.P.S. You didn’t think we would leave Bernard Hinault out did you? not when we are talking about the tour and Greg Lemond. Wherever Hinault was Lemond was never far behind (or indeed, in front). So just to placate the badger we also have a great t-shirt with one of his famous quotes.

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